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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Thought i would give it a go...

I have so much to catch up on. I've been such a bad blogger recently. Got lots to say but not a lot of time to do it.

I'll start with today's shenanigans as it's fresh, and exciting!! Well exciting for the moment anyway... It was six months ago Scott and I got married (I know, already!). I kept you all well informed of the huge journey it was to get into the dress. 8st 8lb I was that day... well I got on the scales this morning and was 9st 8lb!!!!!! Impressive in 6 months... I can't say I am surprised though. I have been a bit of a piggy, and haven't been swimming since - unless on honeymoon counts, but I don't think it does!

For a while I have been thinking I need to get back on top. This time I don't particularly want to just loose weight, specially not like before, but I do want to be fitter again. I liked my swimming bod! This time I thought I would go all out and get a gym membership!! I was paying £4 a time to go swimming and was going roughly twice a week (sometimes three) - £32 a month at least. Well my membership is £32.95 (with NHS discount) for a rolling contract and that drops to £25.95 if I get a 12 month contract. I really didn't fancy committing myself to that to begin with - who knows how I'll get on. The idea is that at the very least if I start up swimming again then hopefully I'll break even. Then if I like it, ill go the whole hog!

Had my 1st induction tonight - the 2nd tomorrow, why it's split I'm not sure but to be fair it's probably a good thing, I forgot how to use half the equipment and had to get the bloke how to show me again - noob! It was relatively busy in there being peak time and felt like everyone was looking at me - obviously they weren't but didn't want to make a tit of myself!

So far I enjoyed it. They have a really cool set up which is right up my street. All of their equipment is Techno Gym. Basically you get this key thing which you put into each machine you use and it logs your workout. You then get a online log on and can look at your ongoing progress. You also have workout programs which you can select when you get on a machine and you complete what it sets you. I only have the start up work out at the moment which is the standard one when you have your induction. I understand that you can load on workout programs suited to your goals. Not sure what they are yet as my only goal so far was not to have a heart attack in front of a bunch of very fit peoples!

The best thing about it is that I can sync it with my fitbit and myfitnesspal so everything is all up to date! I also recently brought the fitbit aria so my weight, BMI and body fat is also automatically synced also so it's all up to date. No need to have to do it all myself! I am such a tech freak - no point doing it if it's not logged!!! I wish I was joking hahaha!.

Like before, I posted a before photo, which I have also done this time....

Ahh I must be mad, absolutely mad! I've been following an instagrammer who I know from work who did the same and now shes a fitness queen. I don't expect to get anything close to what shes achieved... baby steps for me!

Wish me luck!