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Monday, 30 November 2015

Goal Setting

Went to Sussex for the weekend to see family  so managed to eat FAR too much! I wen't with good intentions and took my gym gear so I could go for a run. This is a huge thing as I HATE running. I did eventually get out of the house on Friday though, and I don't think I did too bad...

2.88 miles in 32 mins 51 secs.. I'm happy with that for my first go. All of Gibbon Road is downhill and the bit to the sea was flat so I think that helped my time, although the last part was up over the cliffs and the wind was just unreal, over half of that last section I couldn't run... I could barely stand up!! But at least I did it!

We also went to see my Step-sister and brother in law. He's well into the Gym and is built like a brick shit house! He gave me a magazine on weight training etc. It was a free one that came with his gym supplements so mainly full of advertising. However there was one article in there about goal setting which made me think....

I write things down, obviously, look at my blog! So, what are my goals. They're quite simple really, to be toned and fit cardio wise. They're pretty broad goals though aren't they.

Therefore I think the 3 main things I am going to work on are:

  • Improving my swimming time.

I have been spending more time in the gym rather than the swimming pool but I do like my swimming. I am still doing my 66 lengths but never really seem to improve on time. My best time seems to be the most recent of 50 min 43 secs. so the goal is to reduce that to 45mins. The second part of the goal is to mix it up stroke wise. I always do breast stroke so I want to do at least 10 laps in front crawl - which is how I hope to improve the time!
  • Run 5 miles.
OMG... I dunno why I am saying that! I will most probably do it on a tredmill rather than actually go for a run but I should try and actually do it on the ground. I have worked out that round the block twice (like the big block not literally my street) is more or less 5 miles. Or maybe ill find another route which is actually 5 miles so I don'e have to look at the same things twice! 

Ok so thats the cardio more than sorted. So I guess my next goal should be weight related. This is a lot more difficult........

  • Shoulder press 25kg, 5 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Arm curl 25kg, 5 sets of 12 reps
The shoulder press (machine) is really difficult! I think so anyway. Most of the machines I am on weights of between 25-35kg but the shoulder press the most I have managed have been 12.5kg (reps of 6) and even with that I struggle. Though, in all fairness a month ago I could barely lift 5-10kg. The arm curl is probably more achievable, I managed 5 sets of 6 reps and 15kg - That being the first time I have taken that machine seriously. We'll see how I get on. 

To be honest with the weights it is really difficult to set a goal as such because I just try and improve a little each time I go, either by the weight I am lifting or by the amount of sets and reps I manage. This is working for me so far. Though, I don't feel that I am gaining in terms of body shape as much as I want to. But I am biding my time...

In my last post I talked about the diet side of things. My protein powder came just before we went away so today was the first time I used it. I had it as part of my morning smoothie; mixed with a banana, kiwi, oats and coconut water - it was AMAZING!! Post-gym I just mixed it was water as your meant to and it was good still - but was so much better with the other stuff in it. With having two shakes and a gammon steak for dinner this is what I have managed with my macro intakes

A huge improvement but still not quite there. I am much happier with that though. Now to search for more ways to improve the protein intake and reduce the carbs! There must be loads of ways I just haven't found them yet!!

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