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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gymming it!

I have now been going to the gym for 9 weeks and to begin with, felt like progress was pretty quick. But for a few weeks now things seem to have been a bit slower. I have tried changing my diet which I think has helped but things still seem to be slow.

At the gym you have this wellness key which I got really excited about to begin with as it logs everything you do and uploads it to your account. The peoples at the gym can also get you workouts to aid your progress which in itself sounds quite good. However, the first one they set me, I didn't really find very useful as it was way too easy. On the website you can change what they set so I did that but still didn't get on with it. I don't think I was fine with doing what I had set myself in terms of sets and reps but didn't always want to go on the same machines - and I also hated leaving the 'workout' incomplete.

I went back to just winging it (which I am famous for), which, on the whole has worked alright. But! I keep forgetting what weight I am lifting and how many sets and reps I am doing! Now going back to the website account you get, although it shows you your workout and how much you have lifted overall, and you can click on each single workout, you can't see your trend from one workout to the next or for one particular machine.

So if all else fails, make a spreadsheet! I have spent most of last night and this morning pulling all the data from the website and putting it into a spreadsheet with the idea that I would make some graphs to show my progress.

I know it looks ridiculous but it does make sense to me. The only problem is this is about as far as my excel skills go! For the life of me I can't get a blooming meaningful graph out of this lot. GRRR!! At least I can look at the numbers and make sure their either similar or going up! Just need to then try and remember them when I am in the gym!

From my last progress photo I have put on a couple pounds. Either though the bad weekend of takeaways or a bit of muscle... I would like to think the latter. Either way here's my next progress photo.

If I squint real hard and cock my head a bit I swear there's an ab hiding in there somewhere!!!!

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