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Thursday, 28 January 2016


My two garden battles for today. I hate both now.

Ages ago mum gave be a blackcurrant plant so I can grow my own blackcurrants for vodka (YUM!). So far it's lived on our patio in a bucket with a bin bag round it; and my watering can rose on it.

I have been trying to dig a hole for it for about 3 months... To be honest I tried like twice but the weather hasn't allowed a proper go and it was impossible to get it where I actually wanted. My plan for it was to go up the back of the garden by the garage - the ever changing corner of the garden. The difficulty is though where the drainage goes for the garage, although the actual piping is in next doors garden, there is underground piping that goes along the divide. When it all leaked/they put the new fence panel in/did whatever they did - not entirely sure what, they shoved a load more concrete down there. This means I have no hope of putting many plants in the corner at all unless I dig it all out again, This was a serious option for me until I thought that it might actually be there for a reason - and I didn't want to break something...

That corner has been a pain in my backside since we moved in really, to begin with there was some ugly trellis up and some bizarre ferns which I got rid of. I then planted my apple tree up there which got ruined when the fence came down grrr... So it's been difficult deciding what to really do there.

So... last year I made some trellis which was left over from the wood we brought for the fence. It was made back in the summer and sat down the side of the house for months until Scott finally put it up for me.

I have planted a Jasmine plant in front of it in hope that it will take well. It's got a beautiful pink flower. However, I have heard that Jasmine can spread like wildfire so I have kept it in the pot and I have partially dug it in. This was also because of the inability to dig a decent sized hole because of all the bloody concrete.

Since my apple tree was damaged, I didn't like where I had planted it - or even like it full stop and had contemplated getting rid of it... So today, whilst making decisions regarding the blackcurrant plant, I dug it up and put it in a pot.

It's musical plants all over again isn't it!? Specially as I also dug up a lovely rose which I put in the front garden last year also (loads of this stuff I never blogged about - how you all missed out!!!!) and put that in a pot too.

Post wedding, Scott and I buggered off on honeymoon and left all of your flowers with mum and Richard. The clever man he is, Richard took one of the roses and made a plant with it! I am so excited to see it flower it is unreal! I know I have enough roses as it is but that has gone in a pot too and I now have a little pot feature!

The pot were given to me by Scott's dad and have just sat in the garden for ages. Okay it does still look like a load of mud and the front pot on it's side has nothing in yet... But I do think it looks better than it did! Still a working progress and I really do want to get the blackcurrant plant in there somewhere - but for now it's still in its bucket with it's hat on!!

I'll let you know when I actually get it in the ground!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Caravan Cushion Covers

I haven't done much sewing recently, let alone blogged about it. I can't remember if I mentioned it before but for a long time I was slowly working on doing come upholstering. The neighbours brought a caravan last summer and wanted the cushion covers spruced up a bit. I can't blame them, they looks so old fashioned and dirty looking.

That's the only before photo I took, but as you can see, not very inspiring. This is a back cushion, the seat cushions were bigger and more shaped than this. In total there were 8 to do, 4 of which were larger (seating area is bigger on one side of the caravan than the other).

There is a shop near here that sells fabric on the roll for stupid prices! I think the fabric Emma picked up was like £7.50 and I covered the whole lot without being careful of wastage and there was still over half a roll left. I wouldn't have chosen the fabric myself but for that price you can't complain!

I didn't hate this project but it certainly had plenty of downsides what could have made me hate it. First of all they stank. And were really messy inside so every one I took apart I had to hoover them off and then my sewing room. I also needed loads of room to lie it all out and cut my pattern pieces. For a while I used our bedroom as we were part way though decorating so had no furniture in there. I somewhat cheated too by using the old covers for my pattern pieces and instead of spending more money on wadding. The problem with this though; my sewing machine really didn't like the thickness and a broke a few needles in the process.

The most expensive part was all the buttons. I fabric covered them so they matched like the originals and then laced them through to the back with a large darning needle. That was probably the worst bit. After one single cushion I thought my fingers were going to fall off and I got cramp. The foam is sprung and some of the buttons passed right by them making is really difficult. Got there in the end though...

I never particularly liked hand stitching and I hand finished all of these. However, after fighting it though my sewing machine then fighting to get the buttons though, I found the hand sewing quite relaxing and therapeutic!

Looks better I think! The top photo shows how they are not perfect but for a first attempt (and I did them for free), I don't think they're too bad. Emma did the curtains and overall they make it look much cleaner and brighter. I wouldn't rush to do them again but at the same time, It's nice to see them all done!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Carrots and Parsnips

After the success of my onions, I had high hops for my parsnips and carrots. After a slow start were none of my seeds came up, my plants started to grow steadily. As usual, Planted everything too close to each other and soon my parsnip plants overtook the carrots so I had to pin them all back. I found it difficult growing root veggies and you can't see how they are doing?! Patience isn't my strongest attribute!

Winter then came and we got really busy so it all more or less died back apart from a few bare carrot stems. A few weeks ago I started pulling some of them, I got a few regular sized parsnip but all my good sized (so far) carrots had been eaten (bloody slugs!!). What I did get proved to be very yummy though.

Yesterday I decided to pull the rest of the parsnips and to begin with was really disappointed with what I found; they were all far too small to do anything with, I then came to the last one, and low and behold!!!!!

Look at that beast!! If only they were all like that! That must have grown from the 1st lot of seeds I put in where only two came up (the first one looked all impressive on top but had no downward root when I pulled it).

This one will be in my cooking pot tomorrow evening I think!