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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Found an App

So after spending ages on my silly spreadsheet which was meant to make graphs, then my computer skills failed me. I accidentally came across an app which does it all for me! It's called FitNotes. Basically you input all your info into it and it logs it and makes graphs out of it!

I know, I am incredibly sad.

This is the calendar view showing the days which information has been added. all the dots are colour coded for different types of activity. I don't know which colour is which yet. 

And heres my graph! The red line shows your general trend. You can change the graph so show you what you want. This one is showing max weight. The other options are; estimated one rep max, workout volume, total reps and max reps.

When you add each exercise it look like this, and when you add a new one it shows you your last inputted weight for each exercise. This, I think, will be ultra useful as I always forget what I did last time. I think that partly why things have been a bit stationary in terms of progress recently.

I don't think it's quite as good for the cardio side of things. It's good in terms of tracking distance and time. The above have been my runs which is good. Recently however, I have been doing some of the gyms fitness classes. you can input the time but obviously there isn't a distance to add as such so it then doesn't really tell you anything other than the fact you went.

But on that note and moving on, I went to spin for the first time today! Last week I went to body conditioning and saw my neighbour, Lou there. I think that day was the day that I started to come down with my cold (I was ill all weekend) and found just the body conditioning itself really hard; and I ached for 2 days after! Lou had just done a 45min spin class then made body conditioning look easy too! I felt like a tit! Then, for some reason, I agreed to join her this week! First to do Bootcamp yesterday - which wasn't too bad actually despite still being a bit coldy, and then doing the both today! 

I think I could get quite into spin. The first 10 minutes I was regretting it. Couldn't see how I would get though a whole 45min session... But then... I loved it, I kept up, pushed with the rest of them and sweated my arse off! I even got a bit overzealous at one point and nearly fell off when going from sitting to standing. The motion got ahead of me and I nearly pulled my foot out of the pedal. Towards the end my legs were full of jelly so standing and cycling became increasingly difficult... I made it to the end though!! Just about! 

We then did a lot of leg work in body con....

I've sat on the sofa in front of a film for the rest of the day...

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