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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Running Success!

To motivate myself and try and make better progress, in November, I set myself some goals. Bit of a silly time to set goals as everything went out the window in December.One of those goals was to run 5 miles, What seemed like a big task as I have never been a keen runner. It seemed even more crazy as I didn't bother to run even! Wen't a few times but as I got into spin, I was preferring the warmer climate of the gym rather than the cold(ish) outdoors!

The few runs I have done recently were okay but my trainers kept giving me blisters. They were only cheapy ones from Sports Direct (own brand) and although they are perfectly fine for in the gym and at spin (will probably still wear them to spin), I really wasn't getting on with them for running, or in classes really. There are soooo many trainers out there I didn't really know where to start so for a long while, couldn't be bothered. However we went shopping for ski stuff the other weekend and I saw a pair of Nike Free 5.0 Trainers in the sale so tried them on. I loved them but for some reason didn't buy them at the time. Instead I spent all evening googling them until I could find a pair at least the same price as I saw in the shop. In the end I actually got them in a nicer colour for £10 less, but I had to wait for them to come from Germany...

I somewhat took myself by surprise yesterday.. I had booked to go to spin post night shift, I went home for a sleep and had my alarm all set to get up and go. The alarm didn't go off but lovely Charlie Man (my doggie) came and woke me up just 10mins later than I should have got up anyway. I hauled my groggy arse out of bed, went downstairs, decided to ditch the spin idea, preferring a coffee and mong on the sofa. Then I saw my band new trainers sitting there, just asking to be taken for a run...
Just a lap round the block I said. Just enough to make me feel I've achieved something...

An hour and 8 minutes later, 3 laps round the block and 7 miles, YES 7 WHOLE MILES later and I was home again!! I can't friggen believe it!! So chuffed with myself.

I thank a good pair of trainers and my obsession with spin. Double my previous best distance! Okay, it's all either downhill or flat but even so!! I don't think my pace was too bad really either. I only really faltered on the last mile when I got a bit of a stitch so had to slow down. Once I got over the initial hump at the beginning - where I always want to give up - I found, cardiovascular wise, that I was pretty stable throughout.

I became aware of the impact through my feet at about 3.5m in but come the end I only had one small blister on the ball of my foot which I think is related to the way I run rather than the trainers. They simply molded to my feet and let me go on and on!

I have felt the burn though post run! I kept waking myself up last night whenever I rolled over as my groin muscles felt like they were in spasm, and I decided to skip spin/body con this morning too as I was walking like an old woman. I'll be fine tomorrow, it feels loads better already! I dunno what I was thinking really, casually banging out a 7 mile run and would have no aches and pains after! Feet feel good though!!

I have lost weight recently which hasn't really been my aim but there have also been some changes body wise, albeit slow.. I wan't to gain muscle not loose weight really. I haven't lifted so much though either so I can't expect it all. In fact I did a quick sesh in the gym the other day and was disappointed that I couldn't lift as much as before - which wasn't a lot to begin with. I don't think body conditioning classes and spin alone is going to be enough!!

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