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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Due Date

So today's the day, the due date! I really thought I would have had a baby by now. I was soo convinced I could get her out early. Just goes to show doesn't it! I write this post right before going to bed with just an hour left of the 19th so its a pretty dead cert that shes not showing her face today! Grrr!!

Today, I went for a long walk around westonbirt with some work friends to see if that might encourage her... I have had a few tightenings but nothing exciting, only the same tightenings I've been getting for weeks. I think shes far too comfortable in there!

The texts and messages from everyone have already started "any news? Any signs? Had a baby yet??" That's going to get annoying very quick! Didn't think anyone really cared that much!

I really would like a baby before Christmas so that gives her another 5 days. Either that or wait until after boxing day, for babies sake More than anything. The lead up to Christmas is always exciting and fun, particularly when in school. However having a Christmas birthday is a bit rubbish as it's often over looked and I also think that the time between Christmas and new year is a bit depressing too!

I'm going end up being induced on New years eve (term +12) aren't I!!!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

I wanted to have a baby yesterday!


So I have finally caught up all of my posts and this is the first one written on time! the 12th was my Grandad's birthday so really would have loved my baby to have been born on his day. Since 37 weeks I have been chomping at the bit to have her but really felt fate might play its part in getting her here for this date. I think I made too much of the date as the night before I basically didn't sleep at all which wasn't a good start for hopefully going into labour!  Even yesterday evening I was still kind of hopeful as I had been tightening all day and my hormones were obviously flying as I had a couple of outbursts of tears for no reason at all. Today, I woke up and she was in a really awkward position and have had very few tightenings today. I'm still very tired too so I would be surprised if anything happened today. To be fair I am starting to resign myself that actually labour is really not that close at all right now!

I have tried a few things to get labour going. I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea - though probably not as regularly as I should be. I have brought myself an aromatherapy diffuser and have been pumping clary sage around the living room most days. A few months ago I brought myself a exercise/birthing ball (whatever you want to call it) as I get really uncomfortable in the evenings so I have been religiously bouncing up and down on that to try and get things going. The last thing I have been doing (which I have put most my hopes in working) is expressing. I have been leaking colostrum since about 19 weeks and nipple stimulation is meant to get your hormones going so I thought this would be a good thing to get on. To begin with I was only doing it ever other day. since 38 weeks I took to doing it daily and in the last few days I have been doing it twice a day. Maybe this is why I have been niggling so much? Though, not's not like labours actually started so who knows if any of this is doing anything! If nothing else, if this baby comes out and is a rubbish feeder, I have about 60mls colostrum frozen ready to feed her! I don't know why I am keeping it all really but I can't bring myself to waste it. We work so hard to express colostrum with women for their babies it doesn't seem logical in my brain to get rid of it!

Generally the last few weeks have been pretty boring and tiring so not the best few weeks of my life as I can't occupy myself with the things I would usually do. Despite this, up until this week I have stayed in good spirits but I have to say I am now starting to find it difficult to stay positive. I'm trying to find things to keep me occupied each day. My carpal tunnel is now in both hands and by far the most debilitating. At it's worst (like today) I have constant numbness and/or pins and needles in my fingers and everything I do I have to think about the positioning of my hands. One thing I have found that is both a time killer and not too painful on my hands is playing computer games. In the lounge, Scott has a computer set up with Steam and we sometimes play games using Xbox controllers. We recently played the Lego Harry Potter games and I have spent quite alot of time completing all the extra content. If I sit on my ball and use the controller, I am still moving my fingers to keep the circulation going but my wrists are at neutral positions which means I don't get too much pain. Now I've completed both games though I don't know what to play next!?

On Monday I decided to go shopping for some Christmas presents (we had done absolutely nothing up until this point). I managed to get everyone's all at once and wrapped them all too! They are not exactly thoughtful presents like I usually try to do but giving the circumstances I am just happy that I managed anything at all! We are pretty much all up together house wise so I hoped this might count as my nesting phase??

I know that life with a newborn is going to be pretty tough and I'll probably be even more exhausted than I am now but at least I will be occupied all of the time. It's all this sitting and waiting around which is killing me. Come on baby Ware we are so ready for you now!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

38/40 - more moaning

I really hoped to have enjoyed being pregnant more, particularly in the latter weeks but I just seem to have one complaint after the next. For the last week I have had a pain in my back around my kidney on the left side. to begin with I didn't think much of it but it then got worse and I started to wonder if I had a urine infection. In the end I made an appointment with the GP just to get my urine checked - I didn't go to the midwives as if I had got a urine infection, they only would have referred me to the GP to get an antibiotic prescription anyway. 

This proved more hassle than it was worth. First of all I saw a practice nurse who freaked out when she saw I was pregnant, then freaked out even more when she realised I was a midwife. She bascially did my obs and made me another appointment with the Dr for 40mins time. I stayed up there and waited, and she was running about 40mins late!! I then saw the doctor who ascertained that she thought it was muscular pain but was worried about my blood pressure. at 138/86 it is climbing for me as I booked on 106/60 something and have generally sat at around 110/70 but the hospital are also not going to be interested in that at all, not without any other symptoms like protein in my wee. Anyway, she felt I should get it rechecked again in a few days time.

So I went back in 3 days (I think it was) and it was 139/86 - the same! Again the doctor didn't really know what to do with me and was still worried about it so I pulled the midwife card and said that I don't meet protocol so they wont do anything about it - but she still felt like she had to ring the unit haha. I do understand, she wants to cover her back and its better to be safe than sorry. As expected, they weren't interested but did want me to have a midwife check up early in the next week just in case.

At my 38 week appointment it was 114/86 so fine. Apart from not not having had a baby yet and being exhausted all is going fine. COME ON BABY!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sewing room no more!

Good bye sewing room! I will miss you! Even if I didn't use you to your full potential most of the time!

It feels like we left the nursery until quite late but lets be honest, shes not going to be sleeping in it for months yet is she?! Packing my hospital bags gave me the incentive to get on with it as more than anything, things felt so unorganised, I didn't know where to find anything!

The decorating itself wasn't too bad as the room has stayed the same colour so it just needed a fresh coat of paint to tidy it up. We also built more of a cupboard over the box in the corner and have put a clothes rail in and more usable storage. As it's quite a small room, rather than putting on full wardrobe doors, I made a roman blind to cover the space. I also made a roman blind for the window and matching curtains. We didn't want to spend a fortune on furniture so we went to Ikea and are really happy with what we got. We brought a changing table with nice big drawers which we intend to use as a chest of drawers later on. We got some simple storage for the box cupboard which just happened to be a perfect size and works really well. Our best buy was the cot itself though. We didn't get the one that I thought I wanted by looking on the website but actually seeing them, this one was much nicer... It just so happened that the Bristol store had £50 off if you signed up for their Ikea card. At the time they didn't have it in stock but we decided that it was the one we wanted even if we couldn't get the money off. Luckily a bit later on in the week they came back in stock so went back in and got it cheap!

Although we know were having a girl. I really didn't want a all pink nursery, particularly as if we do have more kids in this house, I don't really want to do all the sewing again. Mainly because I'm no longer going to have a big space to sew where I can just leave stuff out. I also still really love that colour so had no incentive to choose another one.

I think it's lovely!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Spa Day!


Scott's off work this week and although I haven't been much use, the days have generally been filled with decorating (Scott doing it and me overseeing, getting frustrated I can't help much). Therefore it was nice to both have a midweek break. The spa voucher I got from my lovely friends at my baby shower was just for me but I thought it would be nice to treat Scott also. He has never done anything like the spa before or had a professional massage. He was in Germany a few weeks ago, went mountain biking and fell off and has had a very sore/stiff shoulder since so I thought it would do him good. And although we spent a lot of time together, it's pretty rare that we would spend a whole day doing something like this so It seemed like a great idea. 

We went to the Combe Grove Hotel and Spa in Bath which was really nice. The spa itself was a little tired looking but the facilities were really good. Scott used the gym and I lounged by the pool, reading, then we both went for a swim. Lunch was included so we went over to the main hotel for that. The food was incredible! It really was! The place is a typical Bath establishment and the members definitely had money and oozed it. They were very pleasant though and we had a very nice conversation with a couple over lunch. After that, we went back and relaxed by the pool until our treatments. 

I didn't really know what to expect treatment wise as often these spa places are quite funny about touching pregnant people but I was very surprised... I had a full hour pregnancy massage! I am generally very achy most of the time so it was lovely! I was so jealous of Scott having a full massage so was so glad to have one too! I expected some sort of body exfoliation which would have been nice but I had a massage!!! Ok, sorry, I'm over it now I've said a million times!

What a lovely day chilling with my favourite person in the world. Thanks girls!

Look at how fat my hands are!!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Hospital bags packed!


At my last midwife appointment they encouraged me to start getting my hospital bags packed. This was something I had not even thought about yet as D-Day still seemed so far away! I didn't know where to start really either! After a lot of googling and then deciding to make my own list of stuff, I started putting some bits and pieces together and then hit the shops to tops me up with the essentials I didn't have. Up until now I haven't even brought any nappies or other essentials like that! The sewing room has been dismantled ready to become the nursery but it's still just a dumping ground so all the baby bits we have got aren't exactly organised so that's why everything else is so disorganised. 

When I went shopping with mum last week we went into Cath Kidston for a mooch and I fell in love with their peter pan bags, so mum brought one for me for the babies bag. Its a fold away one which comes with a tote to store it in but then the tote poppers to the inside to make a pocket, really good! As we often travel at the weekends we do have weekend bags so I didn't need a second one for me but I liked it so much, I made Scott buy me another bag in the sale so my hospital bags coordinate! 

Scott's got next week off work to try and get as much decorating done as possible so hopefully there will be some nursery updates to come!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

34 week update


In my last post I was all excited writing about my baby shower, I didn't give much of an update on how pregnancy life was going. Not that there is an awful lot to say but here goes...
Up until about 3 weeks ago, I was doing an awful lot of hand sewing. Months ago I started a hexagon quilt to go in the babies cot. The plan is for it to be big enough to be more of a bottom sheet than a bed quilt. The hexagons are made from fabric refashioned from the wedding bunting and from my scrap drawer. I can't remember the exact amount but I made roughly 850 1 inch hexagons which took forever, I then spent 2 days laying them out into my desired pattern and then another week or more sewing them together in lines.

The more hand sewing I did, slowly the more pain I was getting in my right hand. I also started strapping my fingers as my skin was getting all roughed up from the needle and cotton. I got to the stage where I just started to sew the lines together to make the actual quilt a quilt when the pain got too bad. 
Comparing my left and right wrist
To begin with it was a gangloin cyst and a bit of pins and needles whenever I tried to knit or sew. Within a week I had full carpal tunnel in my wright hand/wrist. I am now unable to do anything crafty. Actually just holding cutlery to eat was painful. 

I tried a carpal tunnel support but actually found it worse with it on. Pregnancy has made both my hands quite swollen and I have had to take my engagement and wedding ring off so I think that might be why the support didn't help. I am awaiting a physio appointment but pregnancy referrals take forever on the NHS round here. 

Filling my days has become more interesting now I can't craft but at least baby is happy!

And in the last few weeks I've even been swimming again!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Surprise Baby Shower!


well, pretty much a surprise anyway! My lovely friend Clare took it upon herself to organise a baby shower for me. Months ago she messaged one of my other best friends, Jayne, who I went to uni with (who is in contact with most of my main friendship group) to see their interest/start organising, and rather than Jayne starting a new group, she copied and pasted Clare's message into an old group that I was a part of! WOOPS! So much for it being a complete secret hahaha!

Anyway, they set up a separate group and continued to plan and I forgot all about it. The only time I became a little suspicious was when my mum messaged me and asked about going on a shopping trip. Usually that wouldn't raise suspicion but this was on a Tuesday, she works Monday to Friday, 9-5. Her excuse was that she had extra holiday to take and that her car was having new brakes the day before so just thought she'd take a few days off to get some Christmas shopping done. Hence why coming to Bristol to shop made sense. Then thought no more of it!

On the day I was a moody cow! I had spent the previous day doing a lot of decorating then hadn't slept too well so would have been more than happy with a lazy day in front of the telly. Mum turned up mid morning and we didn't get into town until nearly 1pm so went straight for food. it was gone 2pm before we even started looking around that shops. I assumed that mum had some sort of agenda as she wanted to Christmas shop, however, we ended up just wandering around, mum leaving it up to me which shops we go in etc which irritated me as I wasn't fussed about shopping at all! After pottering around for a while I was then keen to go home as I really didn't want to get caught in Bristol traffic. But mum kept dragging her feet! In the end she managed to keep me occupied in Next for a bit but after that I just wanted to go home. She fancied going to TKMaxx so we compromised and went to the new one in Yate so at least we could get home before the traffic got too bad. 

By the time we got home I was exhausted and my hips felt like they were breaking in half so the fleeting thought of a baby shower has completely slipped my mind! 

All my favourites were there including Libby who had traveled all the way from Woking for the day! I was very surprised to see her, and that my friends has thought to invite her! There were decorations everywhere and loads of food. I really wish I hadn't eaten so much at lunch time! 

Myself and baby Ware have been very spoiled! My main present was a voucher for a spa day with an hour 'mum to be' treatment! OMG I cannot wait for that! We got lots of other pressies too and everyone brought a childrens book which reminded them of their childhood. That was really lovely as many of them I also grew up with. Mum even brought some of the original books I had as a child! 

We played some really good games too. Everyone brought baby photo's and we had to guess which baby was who. I was really awful at this and funnily enough, Libby who didn't know anyone got the most right! Lucky guesses! 

The other game we played was the porn or labour game!! Basically we had a set of photo's of women's faces and we had to guess which was a labour face and which was a porn face. For a bunch of midwives you would have thought this an easy game but that really wasn't the case!!

The very talented Angie made the cake. Isn't it beautiful?! We didn't get chance to cut it on the night which was a shame for everyone else but that just meant more cake for me! We were eating it for over a week!

It was such a lovely evening but was over all too soon and I really regret not getting a group photo of all of us together. Clare did such a fantastic job, particularly as she has been up to her eyeballs in morning sickness for weeks now (YES!! And I can announce as although this post is dated November, I'm writing it on the 12 Dec and she announced to the world yesterday so its no longer a secret!). I was a mess in the first trimester and I never puked so hats off to her for all the effort she put in! Give it a few months and I'll be returning the favour, I'm sure. Though having said that, she's got loads more friends than me so there will probably be fighting over who's doing it!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Emma's 40th Birthday bash


Since before I can remember (not just in pregnancy), I have not exactly been a party/clubbing fiend. I much prefer slouching around in my jammies on the sofa watching telly with the hubby. My lovely friend, Emma turns 40 and tonight is throwing a posh frock party to celebrate. I was really looking forward to seeing all my friends but with my hips still absolutely killing me, and tiredness also dragging me down, the thought of partying into the night didn't thrill me with joy...

After pottering around in the morning, I treated myself to a long soak in the bath, which always does wonders on my hips, I mustered up some enthusiasm and got my glad rags on.

The husband doesn't scrub up too bad either! We actually had a really nice evening. We did a little bit of dancing (or hobbling in my case) but mainly we sat and just chatted and had fun. This suited me just fine! 

Being a bunch of midwives, you would have thought that they have felt enough bumps to last a lifetime, but no, look at this crazy bunch! Not to mention to random boob grab!!

Not that I am complaining about the boobs. Since when have my boobs looked like that! That is one thing I've gained in pregnancy that I wouldn't mind keeping!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Early exit from work

The last few weeks haven't been too bad. Generally I have felt alright though some days were better than others. However, work has been more of a struggle; mainly because of the long hours, constant walking up and down the wards and manual handling (not that I really did anything but even things you don't consider as manual handling like lifting a baby out of a cot really put pressure on my already tender back). Due to sleep not exactly being plentiful during pregnancy, night shifts were even worse. Not because of the pace of work at night (which was better) but because the exhaustion is just unbearable.

at 30+4 weeks I was on one of those lovely night shifts and feeling pretty grotty and sorry for myself. This baby is usually pretty active in the evenings but I hadn't felt her since about 5pm. I was sat writing my notes after the evening round (about 23.30) and started to worry myself about her movements and how uncomfortable I was. I have found being a midwife and assessing how I feel about my own pregnancy is really difficult. On one hand I think I worry about things more but on the other hand I play down things that I am feeling. In the end I went up to delivery suite and just asked if they would listen in for me to put my mind at rest. With that they decided I should be checked out properly so ended up with a CTG, the lot! I felt like I was making something of nothing really but it probably was for the best. Prior to this, I hadn't had time to really sit down and consider how I felt but once I was made to when on the CTG, I was actually tightening 2-3:10. I was definitely uncomfortable but they weren't really painful. However because of that I ended up having to have a spec and FFN. How awkward having an examination by people you know, well! So bizarre! Anyway, the result was negative but and all was deemed fine but I did continue to get more uncomfortable with the tightenings so did go off sick (and the night after).

Through out pregnancy so far, I have measured a bit small for dates. Because I had reduced movements, I was referred for a growth scan which I had at 30+6. 

So after measuring small, it turns out that, if anything, she is slightly on the bigger side. look at that abdominal circumference! What a beer belly you have baby Ware!!! 

My next shift back in work was the Thursday day shift (31+2). The tightenings had settled but my body was struggling more at more. Luckily it wasn't too busy but even so, by about 11am my hips were absolutely killing me! It literally felt left my pelvis was breaking in half with every step! Every shift seemed like such a marathon. I only had 4 shifts left but even just that seemed such a challenge. I really didn't want to go off sick for the last few shifts as I didn't know if it was affect my annual leave (I had 3 weeks AL before my mat leave started). I went to delivery suite to speak to one of the managers who was really fantastic (I think the pain was obvious in my face!) and they brought forward my AL by a week and a half (to take me off those 4 shifts) which then meant my mat leave started at 34 1/2 weeks instead of 36 weeks. I was so glad to be off but at the same time, actually pretty sad as I didn't say a proper good bye to a lot of the people who had looked after me and put up with my moaning for weeks on end. I had planned on taking in some baked goodies and having a little celebration on my last shift which obviously didn't happen. 
Oh well, the probably don't miss me anyway!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Got the pram


With my little car, which we now own so have no intention of changing, I was worried that we would struggle to find a pram which would fit in my car. We went to Mothercare to try them out and get an idea whether there was anything out there that would suit our needs. I wanted one of those travel systems so I could use a carrycot, seat and car seat all on the same base, hopefully so it lasts a bit longer. It turns out there is so much choice! They're pretty complicated too with the variety of different folding mechanisms etc.

The one we decided we liked and looking at the dimensions, would fit in my car, was the Oyster2. We first looked at it around my birthday so about 25 weeks so felt like it was too early to buy there and then which turned out to be a good decision! A few weeks later my Aunty messaged me about my cousin selling their iCandy travel system and wondered if I wanted to buy it, after looking into it I decided that it was too big for my car but it did give me the idea of looking into getting it second hand. Turns out you can save an absolute fortune! With the car seat and all the extras needed to have a full Oyster travel system, we were probably looking at the best part of £700+ !!

It appears that getting hold of what I wanted second hand was easy! Around Bristol the Oyster 2 full set in good condition was going for around £300 not including a car seat. However, I also looked at Brighton area as we were travelling that way anyway and found a lady selling one for £80! It was a little out of the way for us in terms of our travel plans but for that price it was more than worth it. We went to see it and it was in really very good condition; as good as any of the ones I had seen advertised for £300 so there we go, be brought a travel system! We did incredibly well out of it too as the lady also had an Isofix base for a car seat in her garage which she no longer wanted so threw that in for free too! Literally the only thing we had to buy was the car seat itself. Even that I picked up in the sale for £100. So long story short, we spent a total of £180, can't argue with that!!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Car Trip!

Second holiday in just a few weeks! Living the high life before this baby comes! This time a car trip with Scott's family to the Dordogne region of France. Scott and I drove down in our car and Scott's parents took their own so we had some freedom to do what we want whilst there. It was lush road tripping it across France; Scott driving, tunes blaring and me knitting the whole way! 

I managed to knit a baby grow in the week that we were away, and it's the cutest thing ever!

Ravelry link here

The week was spent pretty much like the week in Crete. Tended to go out in the morning then relax in the afternoon. The first half of the week was really warm then the second half cooled down a lot. We had a shared pool but the holiday let next to us wasn't finished yet so we had a really good sized pool all to ourselves. It was all secluded in the middle of nowhere which was lush. It wasn't quite the same as just the two of us in Crete but even so, the break was appreciated!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

First buys


So far I have been very controlled in terms of buying things. Up until now I have completely refrained from buying any baby clothes. Mainly because I didn't want to end up with loads and loads, which will probably happen anyway.

How could I have resisted these when they were on sale?! How cute are they?! That does mean that since then I may have indulged a little. So just a few clothes has turned into rather a lot!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Proper Movements!


So I was in work today, having a pretty alright day as long days go. Around 6pm I popped into the staff room for a quick cuppa as I was on top of everything. I was sat down, drinking my tea and there it was!! A proper flurry of kicks and wriggles!! No doubt about it! Woop!! So exciting, and very very bizzare... There is something in my belly moving around....

I loved it!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

20 Week Scan!

Half way mark! It has seem a long time coming and so far it has gone pretty damn slow! Apart from putting my back out, the last few weeks I have felt a bit better. I wouldn't exactly say glowing but at least the 2hr afternoon naps seemed to be a thing of the past. 

I originally didn't want to find out the sex of the baby but as the weeks got closer to the 20 week scan, the more I got the feeling that Scott did want to know. As the pregnancy had felt so long already, I was coming round to the idea of knowing. Especially as picking names was so difficult! At least if there was just one set of names to choose from then maybe that would be a little easier? 

After initially thinking it was a boy, both me and Scott were swaying slightly towards it being a girl. Though where we had that feeling from, who knows, probably because at least we had one name for a girl, even if we didn't particularly want to use it!

Another setback!


So just as I thought I was through the worst of it and I was starting to feel human again, whilst at work I managed to put my back out. All I did was move from a computer chair, sitting to standing and TWANG! went a muscle in by back, I've not known anything like it! I thought after a few hours and a bit of a stretch that it would just go away.. But no, I ended up leaving work early and going to the GP for some pain relief. He gave me codeine 15-30mg. That first evening I took to full 30mg as it was so bad but all it did was make me feel high as a kite, but the pain was still there! So frustrating! I could barely move without crying out in pain! 

The next day we traveled to Sussex for my Grandad's funeral. That wasn't fun, having to sit in one position for 3hrs with a dog on my lap too. He really needs to learn to sit on his own! I'm such a push over though, he hates travelling on his own and I secretly like the cuddles. My back didn't so much.

The funeral was fine, as funerals go. I was really touched as my Aunt and my Dad gave my both my Nan and my Grandad's wedding rings, which I wore round my neck on the day. I feel really privileged to have them. They were such a big part of me and my life as a little girl. My grandad was very ill for the last part of his life and in many ways I am glad that he is no longer suffering and now in a better place. However My baby has definitely missed out on knowing some truly amazing people. My grandads birthday was the 12th December. I wonder if Bubba will make an appearance then. That would be nice. 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Now that's absolutely a BUMP!


So after looking at my belly for weeks wondering whether there was really a bump, I hit the 18 week marks and BAM! There it was! No doubt about it! I went from not a lot to bloody huge!!

Two weeks until my 20 week scan!! 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Facebook Announcement

So this is where I stopped writing in my pregnancy diary so I am doing it all from memory. Reading/copying out my posts up until now has been pretty cringe-worthy but I do remember things slightly different then I wrote, so from now on will be interesting, and hopefully not too embarrassing! So here goes...


Although most people knew I was pregnant, we hadn't done an official announcement as such. I decided to do this whilst we were on holiday in Crete. The reason for this being that the 10th July was exactly a year since I ran my half marathon. That was a major achievement for me and I thought that after how rubbish the year had felt between these times, that it was a good time for me to share some good news.

At the time I felt like I was showing a lot but looking back at the photo I don't actually think I was! That could just be a post dinner belly! Up to this point I still had't got back into swimming but I definitely did my fair share on this holiday. This was probably the first proper week were I actually felt better for more than just a day or so. Though having said that there was one particular day which was so so hot that I nearly fainted in the middle of a Crete town, not my best look. We found this lovely frozen yoghurt place which was owned by an English woman and her yoghurt made me feel like a new person again! After this, we tended to go out in the morning before it got too hot and then spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool, reading and swimming. One evening after dinner we were sat on the patio overlooking the pool and I could have sworn I felt my first kick! I can't be 100% sure as it was the one and only one I felt for weeks after this but I really think it was. Scott had his hand on my belly at the time and he thought he felt something too!!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Heard the heartbeat!!


Since about 10 weeks I have been sneakily trying to listen to the babies heartbeat at work (perks of being a midwife). Many midwives have said that they have found it much earlier than that but definitely not me! I have an anterior placenta though so that is probably why, I can pick up loads of placenta noise, just not the heartbeat itself.

I have also been a very naughty midwife and done against all the advice I would give my patients - I brought a cheap home doppler! At least I know what I am doing with it though right... Now I have finally picked little one up ill probably not use it!

Thursday, 15 June 2017



I had a few days where I started to feel better... However, today I woke up early for work feeling absolutely shocking. So exhausted and generally under the weather. When I got into work everyone commented on how rough I looked (charming!). One of the Dr's Helen, felt sorry for me and cheeky scanned me..

It was having a rave in there as she was scanning me so this was the best picture she could get. We (at work) said it's sucking it's thumb. Scott said smoking a spliff!!

Anyway, as the day went on I started to get awful back and bladder pain so dipped my urine. I had 2+ blood, chatting to the Docs they reckoned it was a urine infection so started me on antibiotics straight away. As I felt so awful they also took bloods and I took the next day off work. I literally slept all day.

It took me several days to feel better. My tests all came back negative but I'm still certain it was a urine infection. I've never felt like that before, it was pure evil!

Friday, 9 June 2017

12 Week Scan

Seeing an actual baby inside me  made the weeks of feeling rubbish so worth it! The actual appointment itself was pretty much what I was expecting; had my blood taken for the first trimester combined screening and then went on to have the scan after.

Everything looks as it should so far. They changed my dates by 4 days making me 12+3. I thought I was 11+6. This makes my due date the 19th December. Not sure if that's better or worse being further from Christmas (by dates it was the 23rd December). If I go overdue (which is likely) then a Christmas baby it might be! If I go to term+12 induction then that will be new years eve, so a possibility of a 2018 baby also!

#this was taken the day after my scan showing me looking a little bigger again. No doubt that is a baby in there now; although some days I still just look fat! The last couple days the exhaustion has got worse again and am taking 2 hour naps in the afternoon. That's starting to get on my nerves now really as I am struggling to get on with day to day life. Work has generally been ok as I have been working with a very good student but from next week she is no longer with me so ill have to suck it up and get on with it! Half my problem is lack of motivation to do anything so it a bit of a catch 22 really.

I MUST go for that swim!

My parents stayed the evening I has the scan so it seemed a good time to tell them. I just left the scan photos  on the side in the kitchen for when they arrived. They were very excited! Richard went on to tell me that mum has been buying wool and baby things for weeks now, I can't say I am surprised!!

Scott then messaged his mum a photo and said that she could tell the rest of the family. They all sound very excited. Jamie reckons were be great parents and Phoebe thinks/wants it to be a girl. She would, wouldn't she, bless her!

On that note, the plan is not to find out what it is. I have a feeling it might be a boy but whats a complete guess. Either way, naming it is going to be absolutely impossible. I can't think of any boys names at all and the only girls name should be ruled out really... Ruby. However, there's a few reasons we shouldn't use it really, the main being that the Broomfields pick up their new puppy next week and they are going to name her Ruby! Could I really name my child after a dog?!

At least we have plenty of time to think about it.