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Friday, 25 August 2017

Car Trip!

Second holiday in just a few weeks! Living the high life before this baby comes! This time a car trip with Scott's family to the Dordogne region of France. Scott and I drove down in our car and Scott's parents took their own so we had some freedom to do what we want whilst there. It was lush road tripping it across France; Scott driving, tunes blaring and me knitting the whole way! 

I managed to knit a baby grow in the week that we were away, and it's the cutest thing ever!

Ravelry link here

The week was spent pretty much like the week in Crete. Tended to go out in the morning then relax in the afternoon. The first half of the week was really warm then the second half cooled down a lot. We had a shared pool but the holiday let next to us wasn't finished yet so we had a really good sized pool all to ourselves. It was all secluded in the middle of nowhere which was lush. It wasn't quite the same as just the two of us in Crete but even so, the break was appreciated!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

First buys


So far I have been very controlled in terms of buying things. Up until now I have completely refrained from buying any baby clothes. Mainly because I didn't want to end up with loads and loads, which will probably happen anyway.

How could I have resisted these when they were on sale?! How cute are they?! That does mean that since then I may have indulged a little. So just a few clothes has turned into rather a lot!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Proper Movements!


So I was in work today, having a pretty alright day as long days go. Around 6pm I popped into the staff room for a quick cuppa as I was on top of everything. I was sat down, drinking my tea and there it was!! A proper flurry of kicks and wriggles!! No doubt about it! Woop!! So exciting, and very very bizzare... There is something in my belly moving around....

I loved it!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

20 Week Scan!

Half way mark! It has seem a long time coming and so far it has gone pretty damn slow! Apart from putting my back out, the last few weeks I have felt a bit better. I wouldn't exactly say glowing but at least the 2hr afternoon naps seemed to be a thing of the past. 

I originally didn't want to find out the sex of the baby but as the weeks got closer to the 20 week scan, the more I got the feeling that Scott did want to know. As the pregnancy had felt so long already, I was coming round to the idea of knowing. Especially as picking names was so difficult! At least if there was just one set of names to choose from then maybe that would be a little easier? 

After initially thinking it was a boy, both me and Scott were swaying slightly towards it being a girl. Though where we had that feeling from, who knows, probably because at least we had one name for a girl, even if we didn't particularly want to use it!

Another setback!


So just as I thought I was through the worst of it and I was starting to feel human again, whilst at work I managed to put my back out. All I did was move from a computer chair, sitting to standing and TWANG! went a muscle in by back, I've not known anything like it! I thought after a few hours and a bit of a stretch that it would just go away.. But no, I ended up leaving work early and going to the GP for some pain relief. He gave me codeine 15-30mg. That first evening I took to full 30mg as it was so bad but all it did was make me feel high as a kite, but the pain was still there! So frustrating! I could barely move without crying out in pain! 

The next day we traveled to Sussex for my Grandad's funeral. That wasn't fun, having to sit in one position for 3hrs with a dog on my lap too. He really needs to learn to sit on his own! I'm such a push over though, he hates travelling on his own and I secretly like the cuddles. My back didn't so much.

The funeral was fine, as funerals go. I was really touched as my Aunt and my Dad gave my both my Nan and my Grandad's wedding rings, which I wore round my neck on the day. I feel really privileged to have them. They were such a big part of me and my life as a little girl. My grandad was very ill for the last part of his life and in many ways I am glad that he is no longer suffering and now in a better place. However My baby has definitely missed out on knowing some truly amazing people. My grandads birthday was the 12th December. I wonder if Bubba will make an appearance then. That would be nice.