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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Emma's 40th Birthday bash


Since before I can remember (not just in pregnancy), I have not exactly been a party/clubbing fiend. I much prefer slouching around in my jammies on the sofa watching telly with the hubby. My lovely friend, Emma turns 40 and tonight is throwing a posh frock party to celebrate. I was really looking forward to seeing all my friends but with my hips still absolutely killing me, and tiredness also dragging me down, the thought of partying into the night didn't thrill me with joy...

After pottering around in the morning, I treated myself to a long soak in the bath, which always does wonders on my hips, I mustered up some enthusiasm and got my glad rags on.

The husband doesn't scrub up too bad either! We actually had a really nice evening. We did a little bit of dancing (or hobbling in my case) but mainly we sat and just chatted and had fun. This suited me just fine! 

Being a bunch of midwives, you would have thought that they have felt enough bumps to last a lifetime, but no, look at this crazy bunch! Not to mention to random boob grab!!

Not that I am complaining about the boobs. Since when have my boobs looked like that! That is one thing I've gained in pregnancy that I wouldn't mind keeping!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Early exit from work

The last few weeks haven't been too bad. Generally I have felt alright though some days were better than others. However, work has been more of a struggle; mainly because of the long hours, constant walking up and down the wards and manual handling (not that I really did anything but even things you don't consider as manual handling like lifting a baby out of a cot really put pressure on my already tender back). Due to sleep not exactly being plentiful during pregnancy, night shifts were even worse. Not because of the pace of work at night (which was better) but because the exhaustion is just unbearable.

at 30+4 weeks I was on one of those lovely night shifts and feeling pretty grotty and sorry for myself. This baby is usually pretty active in the evenings but I hadn't felt her since about 5pm. I was sat writing my notes after the evening round (about 23.30) and started to worry myself about her movements and how uncomfortable I was. I have found being a midwife and assessing how I feel about my own pregnancy is really difficult. On one hand I think I worry about things more but on the other hand I play down things that I am feeling. In the end I went up to delivery suite and just asked if they would listen in for me to put my mind at rest. With that they decided I should be checked out properly so ended up with a CTG, the lot! I felt like I was making something of nothing really but it probably was for the best. Prior to this, I hadn't had time to really sit down and consider how I felt but once I was made to when on the CTG, I was actually tightening 2-3:10. I was definitely uncomfortable but they weren't really painful. However because of that I ended up having to have a spec and FFN. How awkward having an examination by people you know, well! So bizarre! Anyway, the result was negative but and all was deemed fine but I did continue to get more uncomfortable with the tightenings so did go off sick (and the night after).

Through out pregnancy so far, I have measured a bit small for dates. Because I had reduced movements, I was referred for a growth scan which I had at 30+6. 

So after measuring small, it turns out that, if anything, she is slightly on the bigger side. look at that abdominal circumference! What a beer belly you have baby Ware!!! 

My next shift back in work was the Thursday day shift (31+2). The tightenings had settled but my body was struggling more at more. Luckily it wasn't too busy but even so, by about 11am my hips were absolutely killing me! It literally felt left my pelvis was breaking in half with every step! Every shift seemed like such a marathon. I only had 4 shifts left but even just that seemed such a challenge. I really didn't want to go off sick for the last few shifts as I didn't know if it was affect my annual leave (I had 3 weeks AL before my mat leave started). I went to delivery suite to speak to one of the managers who was really fantastic (I think the pain was obvious in my face!) and they brought forward my AL by a week and a half (to take me off those 4 shifts) which then meant my mat leave started at 34 1/2 weeks instead of 36 weeks. I was so glad to be off but at the same time, actually pretty sad as I didn't say a proper good bye to a lot of the people who had looked after me and put up with my moaning for weeks on end. I had planned on taking in some baked goodies and having a little celebration on my last shift which obviously didn't happen. 
Oh well, the probably don't miss me anyway!